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How to slice topology in topomanager in opendaylight?thanks.

asked 2015-05-07 03:59:23 -0700

wangruxun gravatar image

I want to divide topology in topomanager ,but I cannot find the useful interface in topomanager. please help me to achive it?thanks

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answered 2015-06-25 19:41:55 -0700

jeffcavalcante gravatar image

The network-topology database loaded by TopologyManager carries a list of topologies. You could create a topology for each slice.

Hope I've helped.

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Hi,jeffcavaicante:thanks for your help ;but I recently met a problem about slice openflow topology, the problem is based on vlan id to slice openflow topology; But now slice the openflow topology is not supported,I have consulted a lot of engineers, also want to let you see。please give me a e-mail to;I will sent to you the question clearly.then you can refer to .thanks;

wangruxun ( 2015-06-30 17:12:15 -0700 )edit

hi,jeffcavaicante;you can see this question: please help answer.thanks

wangruxun ( 2015-07-05 19:04:53 -0700 )edit
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