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Data plane statistics

asked 2015-04-30 08:14:16 -0700

Luca gravatar image

Hi guys,

Through the OpenDaylight controller I can see the statistics related to the control plane (OF, LLDP packets ecc.) in all the OF switches connected in my topology. Can I access also the statistics related to the data plane of the OF switches ? Usually I check the statistics on the restconf/operational datastore.

Best regards, Luca

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answered 2015-05-03 21:56:45 -0700

Vishal Thapar gravatar image

Node Connector statistics in the Operational data store are data plane statistics. They show no. of packets that came on a given port. Not sure if this is what you were looking for. Some of the OF statistics, like flow counters etc. are Data Plane statistics as they are counters based on actual data traffic.

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