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ODL Yang tool alway recognize rang like "-199..199" as an Integer even it's in a decimal64 type data.

asked 2015-04-30 02:01:12 -0700

Yesmanlucky gravatar image

typedef TEMPREADING would be generated to be a correct java class. but alway after it's used in anywhere like below, a container, the "type TEMPREADING;", the range would be recognized as a BigInteger in java and BigDecimal (came from decimal64 in yang) would be forced to BigInteger in java coded, of course it's error. Why? Is there any way to avoid this without change the data type (decimal64)? Thx a lot.

Yang: module exa-base { namespace ""; prefix exa;

revision "2014-02-26" {
    description "Initial version";

container info {
    leaf system-temperature {
        type TEMP_READING;
            units "degC";
            description "System temperature";

    type decimal64{
        fraction-digits 1;
        range "-199..199";
    description "System temperature sensor reading (range: -199.9-199.9)";
    type-mode FLOAT;


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answered 2015-05-03 07:13:09 -0700

Yesmanlucky gravatar image

is it a bug? or should i use decimal64 directly not with a type use decimal64 included?

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