DLUX and NAPT issue

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I have two physical machines: "A" and "B".

On "B", I would like to run multiple ODL Helium SR3 instances in separate VMs. Each ODL is for testing purpose, and the individual instances do / should not have any connection to each other.

The networking between "A" and the ODL VMs are done by performing NAPT on "B".

I would like to make the DLUX GUI of each ODLs on "B" available from the outside world (i.e. for users on "A").

That's why I made the following port forwarding (using iptables) on "B": B_IP:18181 -> ODL_1_IP:8181; B_IP:28181 -> ODL_2_IP:8181; ... and so on.

Although I can see the login screen for each instance, but when I give admin/admin and try to login, it fails with "Unable to login" error message.

When I reconfigure the first rule above to be B_IP:8181 -> ODL_1_IP:8181, the login succeeds.

The question:

1) Why it is not working in the first case above?

2) How to debug this?

3) How to solve this?

I've also tried to disable the login by setting authEnabled=false in etc/org.opendaylight.aaa.authn.cfg file, but authentication on DLUX was forced by ODL even with this setting.

I've also tried to change jetty.port to 18181 (28181, ...) in etc/jetty.xml. After this ODL was reachable on these ports, login screen was seeable, but login still failed the same message: "Unable to login".

Thanks for the answers in advance.


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Hello, I'm having a similar issue, forwarding the dlux ui from a guest vm to the host pc. Is there a known solution to this issue? Thanks, George

geopar ( 2015-08-20 00:37:15 -0700 )edit