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Reactive or Proactive controller

asked 2015-04-23 13:31:21 -0700

openflowINT gravatar image


Is it possible to decide if OpendayLight will act as a reactive or proactive controller ?

Of course when you add a flow it's proactive but can we also use it as reactive controller ?

Thanks !!!

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answered 2015-04-27 01:42:24 -0700

Luke123 gravatar image

The question is very vauge. You can use it as a reactive controller.
If you check some flow dumps from mininet you will se the MAC-to-MAC flows that the controller has created.

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My question will me be more precise like this : In the reactive mode, is it possible to save manually rules that will be pushed to the switch only when the first packet arrive ? Or is it only a mode inwhich the controller automatically creates the rules according to the flows arriving ?

openflowINT ( 2015-04-27 02:11:15 -0700 )edit

That I don't know /Luke

Luke123 ( 2015-04-27 02:47:23 -0700 )edit
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