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Just after the connexion between my switch and Opendaylight, the controller starts sending some "OFPTFLOWMOD".

It creates flows in my switch which look like :

Match : in-port:x Action : output: all other ports of my openflow vlan AND CONTROLLER

Is it normal ?

Thanks !!

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Hi, openflowINT we met the same issue, such flows will be added automatically, do we need to modify the configuration xml file? if so, what field need to be modified? could you kindly show me how do you resolved it in detail:), many thanks.

sdnsdn ( 2015-05-10 20:14:36 -0800 )edit

Hello, 1) Switch off your switch and controller 2) You need to modify the file "54-arphandler.xml" (maybe in sudo) 3) Just change the "is-proactive-flood-mode" tag into "false", save 4) After booting your switch and controller, you will only see LLDP and ARP flows added ! Let me know if it works !

openflowINT ( 2015-05-11 05:04:25 -0800 )edit

You can also modify these LLDP and ARP flows, just follow https://wiki.opendaylight.org/view/L2_Switch:Helium:User_Guide#Components_of_the_L2Switch so you'll know which xml file and tag modify.

openflowINT ( 2015-05-11 05:24:39 -0800 )edit