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Send traffic and monitor ODL statistics

asked 2015-04-19 09:50:28 -0700

Luca gravatar image


I have ODL Helium controller in my network and I can easily check the statistics with restconf protocol. The problem is that when I send a huge amount of bytes using Iperf tool from one host to another, I don't see any increment in the bytes count of opendaylight port statistics. Do you know why ? Can I see only the number of LLDP andOF packets in the ODL statistics ?

Regards, Luca

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Hi Luca, Have you solved this problem? Is there any solution? I encounter the same problem with you. Thanks, Tuan

tmtuan ( 2015-06-06 23:10:06 -0700 )edit

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answered 2015-04-19 11:08:17 -0700

Nuno gravatar image

My guess would be that you checked it right after. There's a polling time to obtain that data that can be configured if I'm not mistaken. Currently I would guess that the polling time is 15sec. If you wait that time you shall see the byte count increment. To check the number of lldp or of packets I think you have to do it by hand using Wireshark, because I highly doubt that they specify the number of bytes for each protocol.

Regards, Nuno B.

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answered 2015-04-20 02:24:07 -0700

Luca gravatar image

Hi Nuno, I think it's not that. Before checking port statistics I wait a long time (almost 10 minutes). Do I have maybe to create a TCP flow for incoming Iperf packets ? Even if I'm sending Mbytes to the host, I can't see any change in the statistics.

Regards, Luca

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Do the hosts have connection ? You can ping between them ?

Nuno ( 2015-04-20 06:48:39 -0700 )edit

Yes sure, the two hosts can ping each other

Luca ( 2015-04-20 07:15:50 -0700 )edit

Well that said I don't know. I've used the statistics from OpenFlow and OVSDB and they always worked for me. The only thing is that the polling time was different if I'm not mistaken

Nuno ( 2015-04-20 10:46:01 -0700 )edit

Ok, I'll figure out how to solve the problem. Thank you anyway !

Luca ( 2015-04-21 09:10:18 -0700 )edit
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