Problem connecting hosts in a topology with several OF switches

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updated 2015-04-12 01:55:29 -0800

I am trying to connect 8 host, two at each edge switch, in the next topology (I do not know why it don't discover the hosts):

image description

I use karaf distribution and I have l2switch feature installed, but I can't ping between them.

For example, at openflow:4 I have connected h1 ( and h2 ( and all packets are dropped by the switch because in his flow table (ovs-ofctl dump-flows Net4):

NXST_FLOW reply (xid=0x4):

cookie=0x2b0000000000000c, duration=977.574s, table=0, npackets=1257, nbytes=212716, idleage=21, priority=2,inport=1 actions=drop

cookie=0x2b00000000000014, duration=983.42s, table=0, npackets=197, nbytes=16745, idleage=2, priority=100,dltype=0x88cc actions=CONTROLLER:65535

cookie=0x2b00000000000014, duration=983.421s, table=0, npackets=199, nbytes=18905, idle_age=21, priority=0 actions=drop

I don't understand why the openflow switch is not working like a l2switch, and it don't create rules to forward the traffic.

What is the problem? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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