How to extend match and actions in openflowplugin or openflowJava

asked 2015-04-08 03:02:21 -0700

anonymous user


updated 2015-04-08 03:09:30 -0700

I want to add some matching and extend more actions. But I don't know which plugin I shound modify.and I don't know the detail process to extend action? How can I add a module in opendaylight, similar to VTN, but the implementation to divide table 0 in multi-level flow table of openflow1.3 not using the VLAN ID. so I need to modify the source code of openflow-plugins and so on to add match field and action to divide multi-level tables; could please provide a method to extend action in openflowplugin or openflowJava? or both to be used. I don't know the detail process to extend action?Please answer the question as detailed as possible.

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