Balancing traffic between servers

asked 2015-04-03 10:15:54 -0700

anonymous user



I've set up a Mininet VM and downloaded and enabled a Karaf Helium controller. I want to run the ODL Controller on my host WIN 7, and use it to remotely control and OpenFlow switch in Mininet VM.

I've managed to start up OpenDaylight (Karaf Helium 0.2.3 SR3 distribution) - but I am overwhelmed with the features available (and, if I understand correctly, the controller without features installed is naked).

So - I have a few questions:

1) How do I access the GUI of the controller? Do I need to install any featrues for that? What is the IP of the controller after I start it up?

2) Could someone point me to a good up-to-date tutorial to help me get started. Something that will show me how to start up the controller and make it able to control an OpenFlow switch (on Mininet)

3) Could someone point me to a good up-to-date tutorial on how to write your own features (or plugins) for ODL controller? I need to write a feature that will enable me to balance the traffic from various virtual servers according to different criteria.

Thanks in advance, any other tips would be appreciated :)

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