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Is there a way of pulling code of “Service Provider edition” via Git CLI?

asked 2014-06-28 08:48:48 -0700

hushrush gravatar image

updated 2014-06-28 08:55:52 -0700

(^__^) ?anyone knows ? I checked the pages out, but I can not find a way of pulling code of service provider edition via Git CLI. I just found the controller and lispflowmapping.... link text

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answered 2014-06-28 10:27:42 -0700

Mierdin gravatar image

Hushrush - the service provider edition (as well as the virt and base editions) for Hydrogen were pre-packaged distributions of select packages at the time of release. There is no service provider edition for code currently pulled from Gerrit.

You could pull down each plugin found in that edition, and install the plugins yourself, if you need to use the latest code, anyways.

Hope that helps.

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I'll echo @Mierdin here. All of the projects that were part of Hydrogen should have a tag in their git reository. Not all of them have tagged it as Hydrogen though. Most of them should all have a stable/hydrogen or similar branch as well.

agrimberg ( 2014-06-28 10:43:17 -0700 )edit

Thank you, both of you.

hushrush ( 2014-06-29 02:34:36 -0700 )edit

answered 2014-06-30 00:06:23 -0700

krish7919 gravatar image

You can clone the integration.git project and build it. In the local repo, you will find all the 3 editions and can use whichever one you want. This will be the comparatively latest SP, Virt or Base edition.

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I cloned the integration.git project and build it. In the distribution/serviceprovider, target could be found. But where is the source code?

hushrush ( 2014-07-05 01:07:35 -0700 )edit

It helped. And build it by "mvn clean install",is it ok?

hushrush ( 2014-07-07 04:13:17 -0700 )edit
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