How did ODL support mounted devices' notification/alarm?

asked 2015-04-02 00:01:16 -0700

anonymous user


How did ODL support the mounted devices' notification/alarm? I could mount a device (netconf supported) to netconf plugin of ODL. What i suppose is that ODL should receive notification/alarm from connected devices, or some way to trigger ODL send a "create-subscription" netconf to device to enable event receiving. But i could not find any clue in ODL wiki about that.

If ODL does support what i mentioned above, what should i do to make it? What's the basic structure of device notification/alarm handling processing in ODL currently? The event would be forwarded through ODL as restconf to any available App or open to any client?

If ODL does not support that, how does it support event currently?

We would appreciate an early reply.

Thanks in advance.

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