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Add RPC for openflow plugin 1.3 in MD-SAL

asked 2014-06-26 14:22:10 -0700

anonymous user


updated 2014-06-26 14:22:22 -0700

I would like to add a RPC for ModelDrivenSwitchImpl like "addFlow()" which will invoke another RPC in openflow library. Anyone working on this part, could you please give me some detailed tutorials for this?

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did you get a chance to look at following tutorials? They probably will give you more clue on how to progress. If you have any specific query about the code, feel free to post it.

Anil Vishnoi ( 2014-06-26 23:20:54 -0700 )edit

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answered 2014-09-26 00:33:54 -0700

michal.rehak gravatar image

Hi, all rpc methods exposed by ModelDrivenSwitchImpl are prescribed by generated API:

SalGroupService, //
SalFlowService, //
SalMeterService, //
PacketProcessingService, //
OpendaylightGroupStatisticsService, //
OpendaylightMeterStatisticsService, //
OpendaylightFlowStatisticsService, //
OpendaylightPortStatisticsService, //
OpendaylightFlowTableStatisticsService, //
OpendaylightQueueStatisticsService, //

Corresponding yang files can be found in controller/opendaylight/md-sal/model/model-flow-service.

What you need to do is to :

  • create new yang model (or add your rpc to existing one if it fits in with respect of purpose)
  • add that interface into ModelDrivenSwitchImpl hierarchy (if new model created)
  • write rpc method implementation
  • probably do the same for OFJava backend where exposed rpcs are modeled in similar way as in MD-SAL.

Regards, Michal

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