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org.opendaylight.controller.model:model-ping:jar:1.0-1-SNAPSHOT is missing

asked 2015-03-31 02:34:02 -0700

vinllen gravatar image

updated 2015-03-31 02:37:32 -0700

Hi, Dear all: I following the "ping" program which is given here: :

  1. compiling and generating the APIs and the bundle
  2. mvn install Ping plugin
  3. ...

Error occured in the second step : when i excute the command "mvn install", the log show:

[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] Building sample-ping-provider 1.0-1-SNAPSHOT
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[WARNING] The POM for org.opendaylight.controller.model:model-ping:jar:1.0-1-SNAPSHOT is missing, no dependency information available
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] Total time: 1.757 s
[INFO] Finished at: 2015-03-31T17:20:22+08:00
[INFO] Final Memory: 17M/170M
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project sample-ping-provider: Could not resolve dependencies for project org.opendaylight.controller.samples:sample-ping-provider:bundle:1.0-1-SNAPSHOT: Failure to find org.opendaylight.controller.model:model-ping:jar:1.0-1-SNAPSHOT in was cached in the local repository, resolution will not be reattempted until the update interval of opendaylight-snapshot has elapsed or updates are forced -> [Help 1]

I have already copy the model-ping-1.1-SNAPSHOT.jar into the directory distribution/opendaylight/target/distribution.opendaylight-osgipackage/opendaylight/plugins/

And my odl version is stabel/hydron, and my maven version is 3.3.1. So I wonder why i lack the org.opendaylight.controller.model:model-ping:jar:1.0-1-SNAPSHOT ? When i switch my maven to 3.0.5, it show's that i lack the org.opendaylight.controller.model:model-ping:jar:1.2-0-SNAPSHOT . It's very strange. Could anyone give me a advice ? Greate appreciate for anyone's replay.

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rename your jar file 'model-ping-1.1-SNAPSHOT.jar' as 'model-ping-1.0-1-SNAPSHOT.jar' you should be able to compile

Pynbiang ( 2015-04-16 07:47:28 -0700 )edit

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answered 2015-03-31 05:59:39 -0700

gyanesh gravatar image

This example is not updated for Karaf distribution. You can take a look at the HelloWorld Example if you need an example about RPC feature.

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answered 2015-08-12 03:40:42 -0700

DeepakHP gravatar image

updated 2015-08-12 03:41:26 -0700

Replace ${project.version} value with "1.1-SNAPSHOT" inside pom.xml.

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