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OpenDaylight Exception from Karaf

asked 2015-03-26 17:35:12 -0700

skrasheed.blr gravatar image

Hi, I am getting the following exception from Karaf. Please let me know, how to resolve this issue.

opendaylight-user@root>Exception in thread "config-pusher" java.lang.IllegalStateException: Max wait for capabilities reached.Not enough capabilities for hello.xml(odl-hello-ui,odl-hello). Expected but not found: [urn:opendaylight:params:xml:ns:yang:hello:impl?module=hello-impl&revision=2014-12-10] at org.opendaylight.controller.netconf.persist.impl.ConfigPusherImpl.getOperationServiceWithRetries( at org.opendaylight.controller.netconf.persist.impl.ConfigPusherImpl.pushConfigWithConflictingVersionRetries( at org.opendaylight.controller.netconf.persist.impl.ConfigPusherImpl.internalPushConfigs( at org.opendaylight.controller.netconf.persist.impl.ConfigPusherImpl.process( at org.opendaylight.controller.netconf.persist.impl.osgi.ConfigPersisterActivator$InnerCustomizer$ at Caused by: org.opendaylight.controller.netconf.persist.impl.ConfigPusherImpl$NotEnoughCapabilitiesException: Not enough capabilities for hello.xml(odl-hello-ui,odl-hello). Expected but not found: [urn:opendaylight:params:xml:ns:yang:hello:impl?module=hello-impl&revision=2014-12-10] at org.opendaylight.controller.netconf.persist.impl.ConfigPusherImpl.getOperationService( at org.opendaylight.controller.netconf.persist.impl.ConfigPusherImpl.getOperationServiceWithRetries( ... 5 more

Thanks & Regards, Abdul Rasheed

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answered 2015-03-26 21:40:57 -0700

Ashwini_Mhatre gravatar image

Hi, Could you please check your configuration file. like if you are using data broker service you have to mention that service in config file. and check that config file is present in etc/open daylight/karaf directory.


Regards, Ashwini Mhatre

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answered 2015-03-27 03:37:26 -0700

Maros gravatar image

Hi, It looks like model: hello-impl with revision 2014-12-10 is not picked up by ODL. Possible reasons:

  1. Bundle with hello-impl model is not active in karaf. Please check using bundle:list command in karaf console and try to find your bundle and its state.
  2. The model could not be parsed/resolved in ODL. Try to check the logs of ODL for possible issues using following command in karaf console: log:display | grep hello-impl.
  3. The configuration file is pushed before the hello-impl model is picked up. If you are using archetype, this is very unlikely.


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