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what is Rest API to find shortest path between two switches?

asked 2015-03-24 05:25:58 -0700

heena gravatar image

i have two switches connected through mininet. What is Rest API for finding shortest path with request parameters.

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I tried searching for Rest API but didnot get anything. Can anyone tell me what are steps to add custom API in controller? (how to make changes in the source code) I am using ODL Helium with Open flow version 1.3.

heena ( 2015-03-31 02:22:06 -0700 )edit

I'm not modifying the source code. You can apply algorithms to find the shortest path on the outside and use the Rest API to apply the changes to your network. You can also modify the source code, but I don't know how to do that.

Nuno ( 2015-03-31 04:48:00 -0700 )edit

@Nuno B what are the steps to create custom Rest API in ODL helium? I mean what all changes need to be done. Regards, Neha Wadhawan

heena ( 2015-04-06 02:27:04 -0700 )edit

I suppose you have to create a yang module, then it will allow you to create the methods for your module. But I don't know exactly how you it can be done.

Nuno ( 2015-04-06 03:22:13 -0700 )edit

Can anyone give the proper answer plz..

karthik330 ( 2015-08-12 05:21:29 -0700 )edit

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answered 2015-08-14 10:06:45 -0700

Nuno gravatar image

I do not know much about internal modules of ODL but it is just a matter of research. There is an internal module od Dijkstra, i don't know if it works or not. However, afaik there is no REST API to interact with it. So either you use that module and generate a REST API, or create an external modules and implement the Dijkstra yourself, which was what I did.

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Hi @Nuno how did you find the possible routes between two hosts? what is the Rest API ? Can you help me?

karthik330 ( 2016-01-04 04:14:21 -0700 )edit

I think there is an internal module that uses Dijkstra algorithm, but I'm not sure. As for me, I've used a Dijkstra algorithm that I found and modified it in order to fit my purposes and data structure.

Nuno ( 2016-02-02 08:08:37 -0700 )edit

answered 2016-02-02 23:41:55 -0700

jayaprakash gravatar image


Please refer the post to get the shortest path between two hosts in ODL. It's kind of independent application in python where you can even provide source & destination nodes as switches instead of hosts so that to identify the shortest path between switches using Dijkstra's algorithm.

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