Issue regarding packet_out while using the sample Loadbalancer

asked 2015-03-16 23:57:22 -0800

jvallabh gravatar image


I am using the ODL Load balancer for trafficking UDP packets between multiple hosts.

I have observed that the packetout generated after flowadd was still addressed to the Virtual-IP, this resulted in the dropping of the first Packet every time the flow was created. I fixed this by making some code changes on the LoadBalancer App.

Now I am able to see the packet_out correctly generated with a modified destination IP/MAC address...

However, i still am unable to see the packet being forwarded to the concerned host.

Notes: UDP Packet is buffered at the switch and also sent as payload of packetin. ODL controller creates the flows and sends packetout with the payload and buffer_id = -1 (ff ff ff ff)

Please help me out... thanks :)

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