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How to connect the netconf device with the southbound of OpenDaylight?

asked 2015-03-13 02:44:32 -0700

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updated 2015-03-13 04:15:36 -0700

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I try to connect with a netconf device below the south-bound of OpenDayLight.

so, I have reviewed the Toaster Step-By-Step document.

but I think that this document describes how to interaction between the publisher and subscriber in the OpendayLight controller and the restconf interface.

Could you recommand me the matrial about how to connect the Netconf device using the southbound I/F of the OpenDayLight?


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answered 2015-03-13 04:57:48 -0700

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Short guide on how to connect ODL to remote netconf devices:

After the device is connected, you can use RESTCONF to read/write data or invoke RPCs. If you are interested in writing an app that will communicate with your device from code level, the ncmount project from coretutorials in ODL might be a nice sample (you need to pull the code):

The core tutorial does not contain much documentation yet, but it should be available next week.

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Initial version of the guide for ncmount coretutorial:

Maros ( 2015-03-13 08:07:59 -0700 )edit
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