L2-Switch : Per instance configuration.

asked 2017-10-06 10:03:02 -0700


I want to use L2-switch feature in my ACL application. If I configure l2-switch using the method outlined here:


that would imply ALL instances of L2-switch are identically configured. i.e. if the user installs another feature that wants the default configuration of L2-switch it would not be possible. Is there a way of instructing l2-switch to use a specific configuration on a specific instantiation. Ideally, if l2-switch can ask my application for its configuration and use that instead of reading a static file, that would be great.

Thus, I could, for example apply ACLs to a specific switch and not to another switch. For the switch on which I want to apply ACLs, I want l2-switch to put its flow rules in table 1. For the other switch, I want l2-switch to just use its default behavior. Is there any way to accomplish this with the current architecture of l2-switch?

In general I see this as being a problem for application composition. Static configuration applies for all instances. It would be nice if it were possible to supply a "configuration provider" to a component on startup rather than using a shared file system. Perhaps this is already possible through mdsal but I don't see how to do it. Some guidance would be great.



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