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What relation between the ODL projects in the repository? [closed]

asked 2015-03-12 06:56:41 -0700

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There are many projects in the repository as followings: - aaa, aalldp, affinity, alto, bgpcep, capwap, controller, ... integration, ... neutron, ... etc.

According to the installation document, download the controller project in the Hydrogen version, but, integration project in the Helium versioin. what relation between the projects?


  1. What difference between controller and integration project?
  2. What relation between the projects in the repository?
  3. In the Helium version, can I integrate all project with the integration project?
  4. What difference between master and stable branch in the repository ?
  5. To make the controller of SDN and NFV, Which projects do I choice and How to build ?
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