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how opendaylight determines 2 nodes are connected to each other?

asked 2014-06-11 12:01:16 -0700

sam_andares gravatar image

So, basically, i have such a configuration:

-------- --------- ---------------- | A | -eth0--> eth0 -| B | -eth4 ----- LAN ------eth4 | Controller | -------- --------- -----------------

node A and B are 2 ovs-switch.... I can get both A and B to connect to the controller, but the controller, in my case OpenDaylight, does not draw a line between A and B in the GUI... meaning it doens't know they are connected together, right?.... how can we have both connected? If i had a br0:1 interface on A with the LAN subnet that is between B and the controller, it shows that br0:1 address as a host connected to B for that address.

Anyone knows why it doesn't see a link between A and B or why it sees br0:1 as a host? Does anyone know how the controller determines if 2 nodes are connected to each other (in my case I would expect it to see that eth0 in br0 of A is connected to eth0 in br0 of B)... maybe by knowing that i could fix that up ...



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answered 2014-06-12 03:54:10 -0700

Hi sam,

You need to publish links between these two nodes from the southbound plugin you are using to discover these nodes in ODL.

Code snippet to publish the link can be referred here:


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