SDN traffic shapping - meters

asked 2015-03-10 06:33:18 -0700

buddah gravatar image

Hi there, sorry to bother ...

I'm trying to implement a kind of traffic shapping on a SDN network. In my scenario i have two hosts, connected to a CPQD SOFT switch that it's connected to OpenDaylight Controller. I have internet too connected to the switch. I want to diferenciate the internet service like a operator. Let's say the operator gives me a 50 Mb's connection in total, i want host 1 to have a limit of 40 Mb's and host 2 10 Mb's and i implement that in the meters. Then my difficult is...... imagine a bad day of internet connection for multiple reasons, the operator is just providing arround 30 Mb's...well i want host 1 have priority and have mostly the all the speed possible.( In real scenario because he pays more for a good connection...etc...)

I can implement meters, only don't know how to differentiate them. Hope some answer. Thanks

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