REST API is it an scalable solution?

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Gentleman: I am working for a development of POC for a huge telecomunication operator in Argentina.

My role in that project is to provide all the software design for the solution. I came from software design with a little knowledge about networking.

The solution must contemplate that the final users (perhaps thousand of thousand users) can activate or desactivate diferent kind of services (VNF) under calendar through a web portal. For example Parental Control, Firewall and Bandwith.

All the solution was developed in Java using the Java Message Queue, not problem, all modules are scalable.


When I have to activate or desactivate a service I'm using the REST API to insert or delete flows in the ODL. It means, first I have to query the DB to know which services must be activate/desactivate, create a JSON structure and send it through HTTP.

For each user, it is probably I have to insert/delete, ten or more flows. Now, imagine one hundred thousand of users activating/desactivating services.

In that case, I have to insert/delete one millon flows, it is difficult for me imagine I can do that using the REST API.

Which would be the right solution?

Thank you in advance.

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