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How to get the latest build with all the bug fixes so far?

asked 2014-06-05 08:20:14 -0800

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updated 2014-06-05 08:21:54 -0800

Hello Team,

This may be a repeat - I'm re-posting this Q as I did not get an answer that I could work with.

As my build environment is having issues in terms of some depepdencies ... can someone help me with a binary version of the controller which includes the fix for the bug 1079.

Is there a build server which does daily build from where I can download the latest controller?

If anyone has any questions or need more info, please put that under comment section and not as an answer. This way, we can make sure others do not think that this questions has already been answered.

thanks a lot in advance



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You should link to the other question you raised. Really, it's bad practice to re-post dupe questions, but I think you understand that.

dfarrell07 ( 2014-06-11 07:43:48 -0800 )edit

Also, up-vote and accept answers. You seem to have asked a lot of questions but done a very poor job of following up. The community will die if we don't avoid that.

dfarrell07 ( 2014-06-13 10:51:13 -0800 )edit

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answered 2014-06-11 07:38:25 -0800

Is there a build server which does daily build from where I can download the latest controller?

Yes, we use Jenkins for continuous integration. The integration group has a Jenkins job that watches for changes to any OpenDaylight project, so any commit to any project causes a fresh build. There are perma-links to the result of that build that represent the latest version of OpenDaylght. For scripts I've written that require the latest version of OpenDaylight, I use the last successful build perma-link. Since bug 1079 was fixed in this commit, which has been merged into the controller, the perma-link above should include the fix you need.

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answered 2014-06-05 09:38:31 -0800

Hi Adi,

Please see if this helps.


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