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Docker SDN and Opendaylight, visibility

asked 2014-06-04 09:45:30 -0700

amladin88 gravatar image

Hello Team,

I tried to play with Opendaylight and Docker, the latest version, not lxc. For example

On the same example i have on br2 (open vswitch bridge) the opendaylight controller, started the containers as in the example, attached them to br2 trought a veth interface and I see in Opendaylight the 2 Hosts with all the Interfaces (including vetxxxx) but is there any possibility to see the Docker containers in Opendaylight too?

Or let's make it easier, on one Guest I have installed Open vSwitch Bridge br2, i run an docker container with ubuntu, connect the container to bridge br2 trought veth0001, the controller is set on br2 and running on the Host. In the Opendaylight interface i have the Guest, but not the container...

Many Thanks, Adrian Mladin

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answered 2014-10-15 11:38:16 -0700

There's good info on OpenDaylight + Docker here.

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answered 2016-04-03 05:37:15 -0700

vikashsingh005 gravatar image

yes , you cam use ovs-docker to connect ODL Contoller and you also able to see the List of Container on OpenDaylight Topology

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