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Help with binary

asked 2014-06-03 14:19:28 -0700

csadi gravatar image

Hello Team,

This may be a repeat - I'm re-posting this Q as I did not get an answer that I could work with.

As my build environment is having issues in terms of some depepdencies ... can someone help me with a binary version of the controller which includes the fix for the bug 1079.

thanks a lot in advance



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You should accept an answer and/or provide additional feedback. Not following up on your questions is a sure way to weaken this community.

dfarrell07 ( 2014-07-12 15:49:05 -0700 )edit

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answered 2014-06-03 21:50:13 -0700

Hi Adi,

Please post the observed issues as well...!!


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The bug id should give that.

csadi ( 2014-06-04 07:21:27 -0700 )edit

answered 2014-07-11 09:35:48 -0700

updated 2014-07-11 09:36:26 -0700

The fix for 1079 was merged into master on 6/6/14, so the current version of ODL should meet your requirements.

You can grab the latest stable build (binary) via the Integration team's Jenkins jobs. You can also use this script to easily resolve the required dependencies and install ODL from the same source. It's for a different dev effort, but ./ -i should get everything installed and working properly. Add a -o flag to start ODL.

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