Getting 401 Unauthorized error in Postman

asked 2017-07-26 08:31:40 -0700

Hi, First of all sorry for the lengthy post. I will try to put my query in as simple language as possible as I am new to the ODL world.

I am trying to add a node and mount Alu 7550 into the Opendaylight controller RESTCONF doc. I have used the config provied in the doc to create a new netconf connector (ALu 7750).

In the config I only modified the IP add/username/password of the ALu 7750. when I try to POST from postman (the below link with the config) i get the following error

( )

It looks like I cant upload files untill i accumulate 10 points. The error is 401 unauthorised (in status) and under the header

Content-Length →0 Server →Jetty(8.1.15.v20140411) WWW-Authenticate →BASIC realm="application"

A brief background on the ODL/ALu 7750.

ALu 7750 is working fine with Netconf, i have tested by doing a get/edit/modify and all commands from CLI and MG-SOFT. it is also accessible from the ubuntu VM that is running ODL. This is a test 7750 (hardware device in our lab)

similarly ODL is also working fine as I have tested mininet by pointing the controller to the ODL in mininet cli.

can you please let me know how can I overcome this 401 error. do i need generate a token. your help is highly appreciated.

My understanding is once the Post command is successfully executed i should be able to see the ALu 7750 in the Mounted resources. The I can run the get command on the Postman to get individual models.

Your help is highly appreciated. Hope I have tried to explain my problem.


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