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Default OF entry installed by ODL

asked 2014-06-01 21:53:39 -0800

anonymous user


It is observed that ODL installs 3 OF flows by default in proactive mode - LLDP flows to controller. - A flow with actions=NORMAL. - ARP entry trapped to controller

What is reason for having a flow with actions=NORMAL ?

In reactive mode, only 2 OF Flows are installed. Why ARP entry is not installed ? - LLDP flows to controller. - A flow with actions=NORMAL.

Is there a way to manipulate these flows during ODL bootup ?

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answered 2014-10-17 11:58:55 -0800

This is an exact duplicate of this question. I'll re-post my answer, in case folks happen to stumble on this version (and because I don't have enough karma to mark as dupe).

It was a work-around for some LLDP issue. I'm pretty sure Helium ODL no longer does this. Please use Helium, as Hydrogen is no longer supported.

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