FLOW MOD doubt

asked 2015-01-27 08:55:03 -0700

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hi there, sorry to bother, hope someone can help me..

My config: 1 controller opendaylight hydrogen openflow.1.3 connected to a openvswitch-openflow 1.3 that is connected to 2 hosts.

i'm studying openflow messages in wireshark ...running it in the switch. well, when i insert a flow , i get a openflow message (FLOW MOD -opf1.3), then I get : 1- ack-tcp 2- barrier request - opf 1.3 3- ack-tcp 4- barrier reply - opf 1.3 5 - ack-tcp

well i would like to know when the flow is really inserted in the switch. By the way i want to know this , because i need to know the time that takes from when i insert the controller, to when the flow is active in the switch.


José Bonifácio

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