disable automatically forward in helium

asked 2015-01-21 03:36:36 -0700

buddah gravatar image

Hi there , i would like to disable that function like hydrogen has in simple forwarding app. i think is by feature, i didn't install l2switch , but i can ping between before i add flows my self...i dont want it automatically.


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Plz if your could check it by "feature:list -i" command which all features are installed after running karaf. this will gve you an idea which all features are alredy installed.

faizan ( 2015-01-21 07:47:46 -0700 )edit

thanks , bt you know what feature is responsible for that? it seems don't install l2switch, don't solve the problem

buddah ( 2015-02-06 03:54:43 -0700 )edit