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Clustering data persistence doesnot work, does it?

asked 2015-01-20 11:15:47 -0700

ssafari gravatar image

I try to get the odl-mdsal-clustering capability within our project. Our project uses mdsal (data store, etc ...). I run karaf and install clusteing features as it is mentioned in the running clustering in ODL website. But after adding node into our inventory when I restart the karaf I don't see nodes again. It seems they haven't been persisted into disk. My question is what I need to do to get this working? Is there anything else that I have missed like any configuration file to create? Or do we get data persistence with this basic configuration? Right now I just run one instance of ODL on one VM. And I just need to see the data persistence only.



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answered 2015-11-06 05:20:26 -0700

sahil27 gravatar image

Hi Sepehr, Are you able to figure out what was the issue? I am also facing the same issue.

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