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Unable to use 3rd party jars from OpenDayLight Karaf

asked 2015-01-14 00:44:15 -0700

skrasheed.blr gravatar image

Dear All,

I had to used some third party jar for implementing my MD-SAL based southbound plug-in. I had installed them to maven repo and updated the

POM.xml file for my plug-in component. I have no issues during the compilation time. But, when I try to install my bundle in karaf console, I am getting the

following error:

Error executing command: Could not start bundle mvn:org.opendaylight.controller.samples/sample-toaster-provider/1.2.0-SNAPSHOT in feature(s) odl-toaster-1.2.0-SNAPSHOT: The bundle "org.opendaylight.controller.samples.sample-toaster-provider_1.2.0.SNAPSHOT [278]" could not be resolved. Reason: Missing Constraint: Import-Package: com.adventnet.cli; version="0.0.0"

I believe, this is due to the jar files are not available at the Run-Time. So, I have copied the required jars to the Karaf's deploy folder.

And then onwards, I saw the OpenDayLight is not working. But, before copying these jars, ODL was working normally. Please let me know any idea

on how to use my Jar files in OpenDayLight.

FYI: the following are the jars I am trying to use:

AdventNetCLIClient.jar, AdventNetUpdateManager.jar, comm.jar, AdventNetCLI.jar, AdventNetUtils.jar, crimson.jar, xalan.jar AdventNetFramework.jar, ApiUtils.jar, jaxp.jar, AdventNetJta.jar, bsh-1.2b3.jar, jython.jar

Thanks & Regards,

Abdul Rasheed.

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answered 2015-10-09 01:13:41 -0700

hjdeore gravatar image

updated 2015-10-09 01:14:23 -0700


As you can error details shows "Import-Package: com.adventnet.cli; version="0.0.0""

you will have to add maven dependency for the same in your pom.xml file . Also in export section of pom.xml file add below line.


Build project & it will resolve your problem.

Regards, Harish

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