The MD-SAL Topology Manager appears to use different port names than the actual physical ports. Is there a way to get at the mapping between the MD-SAL port names and the physical port names?

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When doing flow programming, the port names used to set the flow output ports are the same names provided by the Topology Manager. When you program flows using these port names and then check the port name via the rest interface, the port has the name of the physical port.

For example:

MD-SAL port name: flow:1:3

rest(and ovs) port name: 4

Where is this mapping kept if one wants to use the low-level port names.

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If I look at the MD-SAL topology or inventory, a node connector is specified as follows: openflow:"OF datapath id":"OF port id" In case of flow programming, you just need to use the last value "OF port id" to specify a port. BR/Luis

ecelgp ( 2014-09-20 17:43:43 -0800 )edit