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Suggestions for this forum

asked 2014-05-29 07:38:00 -0700

Hi Administrators,

I have following suggestions for this forum and would appreciate if we could have a look at some/all of them:

  1. There should be a way to check recent activities - may be something like recent updates on right hand side navigation.
  2. When someone comments on an answer or question, time stamp does not get updated on the home page. Is still shows "x hours ago" even if the comment is left just now. It seems that time stamp is updated only for answer and not for comments.
  3. Because of 2 above, it becomes difficult to get a question closed when answered.
  4. Karma restrictions to up vote or mark an answer accepted. I guess we can be more lenient here.


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+1 to #4 - people who open their questions really need to be able to accept an answer and close them :)

Devin Avery ( 2014-05-30 08:58:03 -0700 )edit

@Devin I think person who opens question, don't require any point to accept the correct answer.

Anil Vishnoi ( 2014-06-03 12:18:05 -0700 )edit

@Anil you must have a karma of at least 20 to be able to accept your own answer to a question that you pose. You don't need any special amount to be able to accept an answer that isn't yours.

agrimberg ( 2014-06-03 12:23:29 -0700 )edit

@Anil That is what I thought as well, but I had a number of people tell me that they couldn't accept the answer. Now that I think about it it might be possible that they were not signed in... :)

Devin Avery ( 2014-06-03 12:24:03 -0700 )edit

@Andrew Yup, i am aware of that. The point i was trying to make is that if i ask any question, and somebody correctly answer that, i don't need any point to accept it as a correct answer. But yes, if i answer to any question and want to accept that answer as a correct answer, i need 20 points in my pocket. :-)

Anil Vishnoi ( 2014-06-03 13:05:54 -0700 )edit

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answered 2014-06-03 12:44:12 -0700

Linux Foundation Staff

The default sort method for a page is by activity. Unfortunately, activity isn't "seen" by changes in comments (see point 2)

We're looking into number 2, but there isn't anything readily apparent for fixing the timestamp updates for questions when comments are added. Right now, what I suggest is follow a question your interested in (I believe you should by default auto-follow your own questions) or add the RSS feed to feed reader that you use. Personally, I've got my account setup to get email for any and all questions, comments or answers.

Answers should be answers not comments. As such they can be voted up and down as well as marked as the accepted answer. Comments should be just that, comments. That being said, we haven't enabled the unanswered questions whining feature of the system. I've been hesitant to enable something that could be considered spam.

The karma restrictions are admittedly a bit harsh as we're just starting the forum, but as questions get asked and answered and as people start participating more the karma system should normalize to being usable.

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@Andrew: Thanks Andrew for looking into this, I hope we will see more improvements and features on this forum in next few weeks/months :)

kanika28 ( 2014-06-03 21:47:47 -0700 )edit
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