ODL Node Discovery Problems

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Hi All,

I work at a large, public University. We recently stood up our open daylight controller, and have 2 Brocade CES switches to use as a skeleton to develop the SDN program here. I have configured the Brocades to their Openflow specifications as per Brocade documentation, and have initiated a discovery from the controller. The switch will never be added to the node list on ODL DLUX. I see the traffic from the controller going from port 633 on the brocade to port 6633 on the controller, the entire TCP handshake completes. The Connection Manager screen in ODL will not error out, but I will continue to see the traffic.

Does this seem to be a configuration issue with the switch, or something with ODL itself? Also, is more information needed to troubleshoot this? I can open logs from karaf and such.

Thanks for the time.

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I am in a similar position. I have ODL running and a brocade ICX "router" wit the latest code which includes openflow. I don't find any notes that tell me how to configure each side of this (controller & switch) to work together.

jacksonp2008 ( 2015-11-24 19:52:33 -0800 )edit