L3 forwarding with ODL using openflow and OVS without Router

asked 2017-06-15 03:51:48 -0700

anonymous user


Hi Team, I have integrated ODL(Boron) with Openstack(ocata) using netvirt. I want to configure flows on OVS so that I could forward packets from one network to another. I have totally 4 vms up and 4 networks created. VM1 with network1 should reach to vm4 network4. vm1 net1 GW is VM2. From VM2 ipv4_forwarding is enabled and forwards to net2. From net2(vm2) to net3(vm3) to forward packets I would like to configure flows on ovs. Could you please let me know if it would be possible. Once it reaches vm3(net3) port, it forwards to net4 which sends to vm4. vm4 net4 gateway is VM3. The vice versa should also be happening. from net4(vm4)-->net1(vm1).

The sample diagram is given at:


could some one help me out or direct me to a proper source where I could get help to achieve this.

Thanks in advance

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