Opendaylight Disable Discovery

asked 2017-06-09 16:17:35 -0700

razzam21 gravatar image

I have an Opendaylight environment running Lithium. We recently added a number of devices and now our network is crashing whenever the controller is turned on. Using wireshark to inspect the packets I am discovering that the packets are coming out on the right STAG and hitting the edge device. However the edge devices are responding with the packet it received but in the default network (untagged). This is causing a lldp strom to occur in the network and shutdown the network. I reconfigured the controller to not do discovery but the requests are still being sent out and the issue is causing some problems for us. How can I turn off lldp discovery in the controller so it won't send out the packets?

I am sure I didn't explain this with enough detail. Please ask any questions so I can clarify.

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