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Added flows are not working

asked 2017-06-09 11:05:06 -0800

badr gravatar image

Hello, I am a beginner in ODL and I am trying to add flows using Postman and apply rules as well. I made a PUT request with following XML file and it gave me 200OK but there wasn't any change. The flow should drop any packet with a certain destination mac address. I used mininet to create the topology :
sudo mn --controller remote,ip= --switch ovs,protocols=OpenFlow13 .
When I try to show the flow using ovs-ofctl -O OpenFlow13 dump-flows s1 it appears for few moments then disappears. I tried different versions of odl searched in the documentation but no solution to be found for this problem. I hope you guys are able to help me in this. Thanks in advance.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<flow xmlns="urn:opendaylight:flow:inventory">


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answered 2017-06-09 16:36:11 -0800

moorphling gravatar image

Hi, I'm also new in ODL so i'm not sure, but you could try to remove the timeouts, or incremet their values.

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Thanks alot! I doubted before and tried to increase the timers but once I took your advice and removed the timers it worked preperly.

badr ( 2017-06-09 18:30:37 -0800 )edit
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