Cannot simulate video traffic between two hosts in Mininet

asked 2017-05-26 02:21:54 -0700

marievi gravatar image


I am trying to simulate video traffic in Mininet, so that one host sends it to another. I did what the answer in this question suggests, which means :

  • I downloaded an mp4 video and transferred it to my Mininet VM.
  • I installed VLC player on my Mininet VM.
  • I used the command :

    sudo mn --topo single, 2
  • Then I ran the command :

    mininet> h1 vlc-wrapper $VideoFile --sout '#rtp{dst=,port=1234}'

    but my console shows nothing... It shows only :


    and it is as if something is running, and it stops with Ctrl+C. What am I doing wrong?

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