Data Synchronization problem in OVSDB while creating queues

asked 2017-05-16 20:38:32 -0800

mayank.agg93 gravatar image


I have been trying to create queues on OVS switches using Java Apis exposed by OVSDB. It requires three steps that are you first create queues than create QoS and then attach it to OVS port.

I have created a write transaction using DataBroker. Once I write all the data in datastore using write transaction then I submit this transaction using writeTransaction.submit() but sometimes it is not able to attach QoS on OVS port but shows all the successful logs that comes from OVSDB.

If I use different writeTransaction objects and put some kind of sleep between each submit operation it works fine.

Can anyone tell why am I getting such issue and what is the solution of this problem?

Thanks, Mayank

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