Does ODL ignore FEATURES_REPLY response flags?

asked 2017-05-14 13:21:26 -0700

I am developing a custom ethernet switch which will support OpenFlow. Currently I am testing my implementation with ODL and while it is mostly successful my switch receives instructions of which it has reported to the controller that it does not support them (through the OFPTFEATURESREPLY message). I've checked my implementation with wireshark and it shows that the OFPTFEATURES REPLY message indeed has the capabilities and actions fields filled in as expected ( ).

If I am not mistaken, the reply reports that it only supports port statistics and that it does not support Output to switch port, yet I still get PACKET_OUT and table stats requests.

This makes me wonder whether ODL just ignores these flags or that I just made a stupid mistake somewhere?

Any guidance to where I am going wrong would be greatly appreciated!

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