Does SNMP or SNMP4SDN plugin provide trap support?

asked 2017-04-25 22:36:04 -0700

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updated 2017-04-26 22:07:00 -0700


I'm trying to monitor the network using the Rest Api of Opendaylight controller thru snmp4sdn & snmp plugin. I'm using gns3 to simulate the network. I have enabled snmp traps in the ethernet switches & routers (cisco) which is connected to ubuntu VM (running ODL). I'm able to query and fetch snmp data from the devices using the controller i.e., Using REST APi. ‚Äč I have 2 questions,

1) If the cisco routers are sending the snmp traps to the ubuntu vm, where can I see those notifications in Opendaylight and how can I fetch those trap notifications using REST APi.

2) If I do the "snmp4sdn:Topodiscover" from the controller, my snmp4sdn_switchdb.csv is not getting updated eventhough I'm able to ping from the ubuntu to the router or switch. Am I missing something here?

I have gone through the user guide, but I'm not able find help. Any reply would be much appreciated!

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