how to connect a remote device (cisco IOSXRv) on Boron/Beryllium ODL, using netconf/ Rest API

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hi guys,

i'm working on SDN project, i'm a biginner on cisco IOSv and SDN technologies. So i have some basic questions:

Can someone please, explain me how the connection between a remote router and a ODL controller works? And i already try this tuto: , and read a lot of comments about this topic, but i still don't understand how to biult it. I have follow all the steps on the tuto but i still can't see my device on OpenDaylight interface. On this tuto, i'm confused about some points, generally on ODL controller configuration part. They ask to create the file who describe your device on: /configuration/initial, because i'm working on Boron version, i don't have the same path as it's described on this tuto so i'm not sure it's the right folder where i should creat it.

the other point who disturbs me it's the file 99-netconf-connector.xml, who is on the folder etc/opendaylight/kraraf/. did i have to change something there? Cause when i'm looking on it, the local IP adresse is fixed but that's not exactly mine so did i have to change it too?

I have already check if my device support a netconf-yang and it's ok.

To resume, i don't really know how to begin on this. So if someone can help, it'II be great. I hope i clear on what i try to do if not feel free to just let me know.


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I find the way to add device but i still couldn't see it on ODL UI topology part, it's refer on Nodes UI. Is it normal to do not see it when using netconf? On YANG UI, i can get information about my device but could post configuration. I use POSTMAN to mount device on ODL. Now i work Beryllium ODL

azerty123 ( 2017-05-10 03:23:29 -0800 )edit

Sorry on the tillte of my question, i mean how and not who.I still need help to undrestand how ODL works. I have already add my cisco IOS XR, i can get my config and post a new interface but i couldn't change old config, i get an error when i try to change it it must be the form of my resquest

azerty123 ( 2017-05-29 08:25:19 -0800 )edit