Exchange Packet-In, Packet-Out between ODL-Controllers

asked 2017-04-10 05:26:14 -0700

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Hallo everybody,

i have two opendaylight controllers: ODL1 (Karaf and other features are installed but not the openflowplugin features, because of the architecture i want to implement), and ODL2 (Karaf ist installed. The openflowplugins are also installed).

I need to write an ODL App1 for ODL1 and another App2 for ODL2 so that: When i lauch a virtual network from mininet, using ODL1 as remote controller, packet-ins are intercepted by my App1 and forwarded to ODL2 so that ODL2 takes a decision and generates a packet-out message, which will be sent back to ODL1 (by APP2). Finally, ODL1 sends the packetout message received from ODL_2 to the switches in mininet.

Can i use the SDNI to help me solve the problem?

1- I saw in " that Packet-in messages can be intecepted using the method "onPacketInMessage" from the class OpenflowMessageListenerFacade. How can i send the packet-in to the second controller ODL_2?

2- When ODL2 processes this packet, how can i tell him to send the packet-out to ODL1?

3- When ODL_1 receives the packet, how can i tell him to send it to the switch?

i would be happy to have any hint that could help me to resolve any of the aforementioned points. (Classes to use, or packages, or examples, or links,....)


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