Trying to develop an SDN Application for QoE Management.

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Dear Members of the Forum.

I am new.

I am doing a phd, and I am investigating on a solution that helps in managing the Quality of Experience. In particular I want to implement through the Yang code, using the OpenFlow plugins, something like this:

module QOEmgmt {
    namespace "urn:opendaylight:QOEmgmt";
    prefix "QOEmgmt";
    import ietf-inet-types {
        prefix "inet";

revision 2017-03-13 {
    description "Initial revision";

/*rpc QOEmgmtClv*/
rpc QOEmgmt{
    input {
        list UserFidelity{
            leaf UserIPAddress {
                type inet:ipv4-prefix;
            leaf UserCLV {
                type uint16;
                /*upon this value I want to perform a check, for example a conditional if, or a "must" or a "when" */
    output {
        /* Here I need that, as condition verified (for example that the value is bigger than 2), the controller perform an action, or more than one action*/
        must 'UserCLV > 2'{
            choice action 'change IP address destination, for all the flows related to the "UserIPAddress" ' ;



I don't know if you agree in the develop using an RPC, but is what I saw in the tutorials that I follow until now.

Thank in advance, MS

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