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Configuration of flows on hp switch using ODL

asked 2017-02-14 04:48:01 -0700

Cesar gravatar image

Hey ODL community,

Im having problems to properly configure the flows so that instead of having ODL writing all the flows in table 0, it may able to use other table than table 0.

In this discussion, someone already shown what are the ODL files we need to manipulate in order to change the default table from 0 to another one.

I also read here ( ) that by adding a hard flow in table 100 to direct everything to table 200, changing the config files in /distribution/etc/opendaylight/karaf to add all flows in table 200, everything will work fine.

So step that instructs to manipulate ODL files so that it can write flows in the table 200 (which is my software table) is clear to me. But how to perform the first part of the solution? How to manually add a hard flow table in 0 to direct everything to 100, and manually add another hard flow int table 100 to direct everything to the software table 200? Any help to a newbie will be very appreciated.


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answered 2017-03-02 14:02:31 -0700

Cesar gravatar image

I solved the problem by doing what is shown in the following link:


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