API to ODL not configuring flows on OVS

asked 2017-01-31 03:38:27 -0700

mismail gravatar image

I have ODL node (Ubuntu VM) and another node (ubuntu VM) that has OVS with two VMs attached to it. I can create flows manually on OVS to enable connectivity between the two VMs. Now I'm trying to create flow entries on OVS from ODL (through Postman) but its not working.

My OVS looks as follows:

sudo ovs-vsctl show 31c50d18-f0ba-45a7-9e23-b15e4a452178 Bridge "br0" Controller "tcp:" isconnected: true Port "vnet1" Interface "vnet1" Port "br0" Interface "br0" type: internal Port "vnet0" Interface "vnet0" ovsversion: "2.5.0"

Interesting thing is from the GUI, the topology shows the OVS switch but no endpoints attached to it. From nodes, it shows 3 interfaces attached.

So my questions are: 1. Shouldn't the endpoints be picked up in the topology? 2. Why aren't my API calls to ODL creating any flows?

Any help is appreciated! Thanks.

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