Lost connectivity to Open vSwitch on adding controller

asked 2017-01-29 20:37:34 -0700

I have a setup where the OpenDaylight controller lies on another host and the Open vswitch is on another host. I have added the outgoing interface (eth0) as port to the open-vswitch and the switch is able to obtain ip by dhcp as well as all the other guest vm connected to the switch are also able to obtain an ip. As soon as i connect a controller to the openvswitch which is on a different host but same subnet, I am no more able to access the machine hosting the openvswitch, i.e it tends to loose IP. I try running tcpdump to see if packets are flowing or not, but no packets are flowing via the eth0 interface. I also tried re-obtaining the ip via dhcp, it gets succeeded but it's still not working. The OVS bridge still shows the controller is connected. What could possibly be wrong ?

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