Connecting ODL to remote NECTCONF server via public ssh key , query its capabilities and fetch some data using some of those capabilities using dlux gui

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Hello ODL community,

I am lost in some unusual problem.

I think it would be better if I explain the whole scenario, as I have tried everything reachable to me, in hope that you can suggest something:

Target: Connecting ODL to remote NETCONF server named confd and IP over port 830, query its capabilities and fetch some data using some of those capabilities using ODL DLUX GUI

Steps that I took: 1)Installed Java 8 with "export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-1.8.0-openjdk-amd64" appended to " $ nano .profile" 2)I installed ODL-Be with odl-netconf-connector-all,odl-restconf–all,odl-netconf-connector-ssh,odl-dlux-all feature installed amd activated successfully 3)created ssh keys. Public ssh key installed in 830 server

mkdir ~/.ssh chmod 700 ~/.ssh ssh-keygen -t rsa

Results/verficiation :

athapa@ubuntu:~$ ssh -v -p 830

I get connected succesfully without entering username and password as I get authenticated via ssh public key.

athapa@ubuntu:~$ ssh -s -p 830 netconf

all the capabilities of remote device is listed

Now, when I try to spawn a new connector via dlux, with following URL in http://localhost:8181/apidoc/explorer... (under mounted resources, in network-topology:network-topology/topology/topology-netconf/node/controller-config/) :



with sript:

{ "module": [ { "type": "odl-sal-netconf-connector-cfg:sal-netconf-connector", "name": "confd", "odl-sal-netconf-connector-cfg:address": "", "odl-sal-netconf-connector-cfg:port": 830, "odl-sal-netconf-connector-cfg:username": false, "odl-sal-netconf-connector-cfg:password": false, "odl-sal-netconf-connector-cfg:tcp-only": false, "odl-sal-netconf-connector-cfg:event-executor": { "name": "global-event-executor", "type": "netty:netty-event-executor" }, "odl-sal-netconf-connector-cfg:binding-registry": { "name": "binding-osgi-broker", "type": "opendaylight-md-sal-binding:binding-broker-osgi-registry" }, "odl-sal-netconf-connector-cfg:dom-registry": { "name": "dom-broker", "type": "opendaylight-md-sal-dom:dom-broker-osgi-registry" }, "odl-sal-netconf-connector-cfg:client-dispatcher": { "name": "global-netconf-dispatcher", "type": "odl-netconf-cfg:netconf-client-dispatcher" }, "odl-sal-netconf-connector-cfg:processing-executor": { "name": "global-netconf-processing-executor", "type": "threadpool:threadpool" }, "odl-sal-netconf-connector-cfg:keepalive-executor": { "name": "global-netconf-ssh-scheduled-executor", "type": "threadpool:scheduled-threadpool" }, "odl-sal-netconf-connector-cfg:reconnect-on-changed-schema": true } ]


The code executes successfully and I can see confd node in UI of dlux

Then,I checked in http://localhost:8181/apidoc/explorer... , under controller resources tab, in "network topology 2013-07-21", then used the following url for GET:

GET http://localhost:8181/restconf/operat...

And the result is:

{ "node-id": "confd", "netconf-node-topology:host": "", "netconf-node-topology:port": 830, "netconf-node-topology:connection-status": "connecting" } ] }, { "topology-id": "flow:1" }

As you can see the status is connecting when I try to connect remote NETCONF via dlux. And it gets stuck there!

I have also appended log:display of karaf. The log contains "SSHMSGUSERAUTH_FAILURE" error message. And I don't have any idea why am I able to connect to NETCONF server via ssh without user name and password, but not via ODL DLUX.

So much of details, but in hope that I get some expert direction.

Kindly suggest

//log:display of karaf

2017-01-27 13:13:22,522 | WARN | NioProcessor-5 | AcceptAllServerKeyVerifier | 179 - org.apache.sshd.core - 0.14.0 | Server at / presented unverified EC key: 0f:49:44:7b:ac:b8:27:44:dc:e1:09:4c:15:b1:96:a2 2017-01-27 13:13:22,523 | INFO | NioProcessor-5 | ClientSessionImpl | 179 - org.apache.sshd.core - 0.14.0 | Dequeing pending packets 2017-01-27 13:13 ... (more)

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