Problem installing Boron Release: JAVA_HOME NOT SET

asked 2017-01-14 17:43:46 -0700

rodolg gravatar image

I am new with ODL, i just downloaded the Boron release and installed it in Ubuntu, once i run ./bin/karaf i get the following error:

karaf: JAVAHOME not set; results may vary ./bin/karaf: line 252: [: : integer expression expected ./bin/karaf: line 297: [: : integer expression expected Inconsistency detected by ../sysdeps/x8664/dl-machine.h: 517: elfmachinerelarelative: Assertion `ELFW(RTYPE) (reloc->rinfo) == RX8664RELATIVE' failed!

I guess i need to add the JAVA_HOME in ~./bashrc.... Can anyone help.

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